Student Transitional and Academic Activities for Retention and Success


Monday – Thursday
8:00AM – 8:00PM
8:00AM –  5:00PM
1:00PM –  5:00PM
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Extended Hours
Monday – Thursday
8:00PM –  10:00PM




WELCOME TO STAARS!!! Throughout the course of history, mankind has relied upon stars for guidance. Early sailors used constellations for navigation, slaves followed ‘the drinking gourd’ and the Biblical Three Wise Men from the East followed the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ to the Christ Child. Stars have constantly served as beacons of guidance. At Concordia College Alabama, the STAARS Program continues that tradition and embodies Concordia’s commitment to academic success.

国产偷拍视频The program promotes success for students in transition to college life by providing resources, activities and services to meet their academic and individual needs. The STAARS Team greets you and assures you that they will work to develop you as a total human being; attending to your spiritual, academic, emotional, physical and social growth. STAARS is your 911 for your academic needs.

国产偷拍视频This vibrant Team will help you know and live what we believe a Concordia College student is crafted around our College’s mission of Christ-centered education and service, the STAARS Mission and Motto demonstrate how we achieve that broad mission.

STAARS is an advocate for students in transition into college life and beyond, supporting students in achieving their highest academic potential.

STAARS promotes success for students in by providing resources and assistance to meet their individual needs and motivating them to reach their academic goals.

STAARS acts as a go-between for students and instructors, collaborating on their behalf towards the common goal of academic success for students.

STAARS helps to increase the graduation rate of students by adapting resources and activities to meet student needs and support student success by:

  • Facilitating a smooth and successful transition for incoming freshmen
  • Providing academic and other support services for continuing students to help them advance their potential for success at Concordia and beyond.
  • Providing individualized help for students so that they will become independent and life-long learners.
STAARS coordinates the ADA and 504 services for our students

The STAARS Program’s mission is to assist and support students in achieving their highest academic potential through nurturing academic support, services and activities with the underlying goal of academic success retention and timely degree completion.

国产偷拍视频The STAARS program is deeply anchored in the belief that given adequate and equitable academic support, ALL students can and will achieve academic success. STAARS empowers, enriches and equips students for success. The Motto is represented in the three simple words as follows: BELIEVE ACHIEVE SUCCEED!!!

To achieve our mission and live our Motto STAARS offer the following services:

  • Academic Counseling and Advising
  • Professional and Peer Tutoring
  • Individual and group tutorial Sessions
  • Personal Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Monitoring Academic Performance
  • Study Halls
  • Seminars
  • Test and Examination Preparation
  • Test Proctoring
  • One-on-one Tutoring
  • Supplementary Instruction
  • 504 & ADA Services
  • All Academic Support Services As Needed
  • Hosts various monthly student activities to boost morale while studying
Academic counselors serve as the academic advisor to their assigned students until the students have earned 24 transferable credit hours. Academic counselors take a personal interest in their students and approach them with a caring attitude. Academic counselors also work collaboratively with faculty members regarding the performance and progress of assigned students.
As a convenience to students who miss tests because of extenuating circumstances, instructors may arrange to have the STAARS staff administer make-up exams.

The STAARS program has computers available for student use. Free tutoring is available for all enrolled students. Professional and peer tutors are available to assist students with English and math. Other areas are provided as requested.
Dean of Academic Support
Dr. Doreen Tarirai Moyo
Admin. Assistant
Mrs. Debra Hickey
Ext. 19737
Acad. Adv. Coordinator
Mr. Daniel Henkaro
Ext. 19792