Donor & Church Relations

The mission of the Institutional Advancement division is to advance the educational opportunities and services of Concordia College Alabama by generating sources from prospective funding resources (alumni, administrators, corporations, foundations, friends, parents, state and federal government) to meet the institutions needs. The department is the catalyst and conduit through which all donations flow to provide immediate and long term support for the College, its students, and its programs.

The department also serves as the clearinghouse for all promotions, advertising and publications from the Office of Public Relations and Communications, Alumni Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness, the Major Gift Office, Donor Relations, Church Relations, the Data Base Management Office, Annual Giving, Planned Giving, Capital Campaign and Grants

The office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning provides information to support institutional planning, policy and decision making.  It conducts studies that are designed to measure institutional effectiveness as well as provide vital information and data to support the planning process.  The office collects, analyzes and reports data and information relative to enrollment, graduation, retention, persistence, and degrees conferred. Additionally, the office ensures that CCA regularly evaluates how successfully it is at achieving its mission.


The mission of Institutional Effectiveness,Research and Planning is to link what the college does to what the college believes, to ensure that policies, budgets, and decisions reflect the purpose, mission, and values of the college.  The planning process accommodates the differences in the various administrative units.  The strategic plan provides the flexibility for each unit to use different methodologies to facilitate planning and evaluation activities which relate Institutional Goals to Strategic Initiatives.
The office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning has the responsibility of educating the college.  To this end it:
Promotes the understanding and use of outcomes assessment and institutional
effectiveness data. Expands existing training programs and distribute relevant data widely.
Uses assessment to focus on college priorities: examine assumptions, evaluate
performance to determine whether it matches expectations and standards, and use
results to make necessary adjustments.
Promotes a culture of evidence that embraces and uses what is learned to provide
students with an educational experience that is rich, layered, nuanced, and
Improves student learning by articulating course objectives for student achievement,
clarifying connections between course assignments and objectives, and measuring
whether courses are realizing programmatic goals.–
Assists academic departments, administrative offices, and other units in articulating goals
that cascade from the strategic plan and comport with its direction.

国产偷拍视频Concordia College Alabama is committed to partnering with churches around the country to prepare our young men and women for service in the church, community, and world.  If your church or organization would like to learn about opportunities to support the educational ministry at Concordia College Alabama, or if your church or group would like to have a visit from a Concordia College Alabama representative or choir, please contact:

国产偷拍视频Concordia College Alabama’s Office of Public Relations plays a leading role in continuing the growth and expansion of the college as a whole through marketing/promotional efforts. The Office of Public Relations abides by this mission by providing regular website updates and materials such as photos to various departments and general consumption, working with coaches to better communicate their sports news, writing general press releases and newsletters, PSAs and advertisements, creating publicity for the college, and working with other photographers on campus and Branded materials to provide a Lutheran perspective.

国产偷拍视频The Office of Public Relations also coordinates with and provides administrative support to the vice president for Institutional Advancement and provides reports and prepares powerpoints for the department when necessary. The Office of Public Relations also drafts correspondence dealing with issues and subject matter in ways that may require sensitivity, discretion, judgement or negotiation in replying to inquiries, and/or presenting and requesting information. The Office will also respond to inquiries tactfully and effectively, answering questions and providing information as requested.


Abby Campbell
Director of Public Relations 
334-874-5700 ext. 19818
Whether you just graduated within the last year, or your time at Concordia College seems like it was ages ago, we welcome you “home” any time. You are a valued member of the Concordia College family! We hope you will help us work together to reach new young people who will be leaders in our church, community and world. We are proud of our Concordia alumni! You serve the Lord and his peoplein a variety of jobs and ministries around the world. Thank you for shining the Gospel light.
The Alumni office works with Concordia College Alabama’s National Association of Alumni and Friends to promote the welfare of the institution. If you attended Concordia College Alabama, formerly known as Alabama Lutheran Academy and Junior College, we would like to hear from you.
To accomplish this, we must serve as the conduit between the former student and the college. The staff of Alumni Affairs works with Concordia College Alabama’s National Association of Alumni and Friends to promote the welfare of the institution.
If you attended Concordia College Alabama, formerly known as Alabama Lutheran Academy and Junior College, we would like to hear from you.


Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends:

Minni McMillan

国产偷拍视频Minni McMillan

国产偷拍视频Our Gracious God has continued to bless this institution for ninety years.  He has done this through many people like you, who have assisted us in various ways.  We are therefore grateful to Him and to all who have supported us.

国产偷拍视频Thank you for your continued support of our beloved alma mater.  Continue to encourage classmates, friends and colleagues to join our efforts to support Concordia College Alabama.  I encourage each of you to become involved in the further improvement, development, and expansion of Concordia so that it will prepare more people for greater services to our church and community.

I pray that each of you are a part of an active alumni chapter, but if you’re not, I encourage you to please share your ideas and feedback about establishing a regional chapter in your area by contacting the Office of Alumni Affairs at (334) 874-5700 ext. 19733 or

国产偷拍视频Please visit our web calendar for a schedule of activities: football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other events.  Save the dates and celebrate with your alumni, friends and colleagues.

Again, thank you for all that you are doing to assist us; and I pray that God will continue to bless and enable you to be a blessing to others.

In His Service,
Minnie J. McMillan
Director of Alumni Affairs


Our Annual Fund represents the financial support we receive from alumni, corporations, foundations, parents, friends, students, administration,faculty and staff. The Annual Fund contributes to the ongoing health and growth of Concordia College Alabama. With your support, we are able to consistently offer and improve Concordia College.

How does your support of the Annual Fund benefit Concordia and its students? 国产偷拍视频Simple, we are able to:

  • Offer scholarships
  • Endowments
  • Improve existing academic programs
  • Add new academic programs
  • Increase student services and activities
  • Provide athletic opportunities
  • Develop technology
  • Operate on a daily basis
  • Expand and Improve the campus
  • Assist students with special needs