Student Services

国产偷拍视频Concordia College Alabama, with blessings from the Lord, makes every effort to provide students the opportunity to develop spiritually, academically and socially. The Concordia Student Handbook serves as a guide to the college and should be read carefully by each student. Special attention should be given to all policies and regulations. During orientation, special emphasis is directed to portions of the bulletin to ensure that students clearly understand the policies and regulations of Concordia. Each student is provided a copy of the handbook for reference.

  • Attend classes daily;
  • Exhibit conduct and moral values conducive to a Christian life;
  • Respect faculty, staff, and fellow students, as well as self;
  • Apply academic talents to studies;
  • Respect and care for college property;
  • Respect authority of the law;
  • Read and abide by the college’s policies; and
  • Strive to obey and to live by God’s commandments.

We endeavor to provide first rate service to our students in an effort to demonstrate—teach—pass along a culture of service to humanity. Students are our business and we treat them like valued customers.