Man Center

The Man-Center is a student organization that is designed to empower young males for success. The five building blocks of the Man-center are: Learning to Learn, Learning to Lead, Learning to Work, Learning to Teach and Learning to Serve.
The Man-Center also has a Dynamic program called the ABC Camp which stands for Academic Boot Camp. This is a five week long camp that is conducted in the summer that empowers first time freshmen male students for a successful year at Concordia College Alabama. Students who enroll into the ABC Camp have the opportunity to earn seven transferable credit hours.
Students that become apart of the Man-Center will be apart of a seven step process to empower them for a successful college career.
The seven steps are as followed;
  1. Academic Boot Camp
  2. Completion of Freshmen Orientation Class
  3. Application to Man-Center
  4. Induction into Man-Center
  5. Internships/ Service Projects
  6. Completion of Mentoring/ Service Project
  7. Commencement.
The Man-Center can be located in Thompson Hall on the first floor directly across the counseling center. Any additional information can be provided upon request from Coach Walker.


Oronde Walker

Assistant Director
Phone: (334) 874-5700
Ext. 19727