Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides quality programs, services and facilities to promote physical, social and spiritual growth and development through a variety of student organizations, activities and community service projects. Our goal is to enhance Concordia College Alabama’s overall college experience.


Donald Jefferson

Felicia Gill

Coley Chestnut

Nicolas Sturdivant

Director of Student Services

Director of the Rosa J. Young Center for Women

Director of Student Activities

Student Activity Assistant


国产偷拍视频The student activities division is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and executing a wide variety of wholesome, educational, and entertaining activities that attracts and engages a diverse student population. The director has oversight for all student activities and student organizations. He or she works collaboratively with student groups, faculty, staff, businesses and members of the community, to ensure an adequate number of quality student activities are conducted on campus each semester.

Support and encourage students’ involvement in a variety of student clubs and organizations, which promotes healthy living, academic achievement and Christian values. Campus organizational leaders meet periodically with the Student Activity Coordinator to discuss student life and clubs and organizational activities.

Student Government Association (SGA) –  Rev. Coley Chestnut
Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) –
 Student Nurses Association  – Dr. Constance Hendricks
The College Choir – Minnie McMillan
Student Public Relations – Timeka Ross
Alumni Organizations –  Minnie McMillan
The Drama Club –  Mr. LaMorris Jones
International Student Association (ISA) – Mr. Jeanfaud Jean
Spiritual Life Committee – Rev. Steven Washington
The Millionaires Business Club
 Ms. Courtney Washington
The Intra-Dormitory Life Committee
Rotaract – Dr. Zibusiso Nkiwane
Honor Society – Dr. Chinwe Okeke 
Student Activities (S.A.C.) –
Rev. Coley Chestnut/Mr. Oronde Walker
The Man Center – Oronde Walker
The Woman Center –  Ms. Felecia Gill
Greek Organizations

AKM logoThe membership国产偷拍视频 of Alpha Kappa Mu shall be open to men and women who meet the requirements for eligibility and shall consist of collegiate, alumni, local honorary, laureate honorary and life members.

Collegiate chapters shall elect members from a list of those scholastically eligible and approved by the chapter advisor(s). An affirmative vote by the majority of chapter members present at a regular meeting is necessary for election to membership. Candidates are not inducted in absentia.

Undergraduate Students – An undergraduate student shall be eligible to be elected as a collegiate member if the individual:

(1) is registered as full time, and is in good standing with the institution at which the chapter is located
(2) is at least a junior in a degree program, and has completed 50 percent of the requirements for graduation
(3) has a minimum grade-point average of 3.3, when A = 4
(4) is ranked in the upper 10 percent of the class
(5) exemplifies good character
(6) exhibits the potential for leadership and service

Graduate Students国产偷拍视频 – Graduate students are eligible to be elected members when the following requirements are met:

(1) a baccalaureate graduate of a regionally accredited school who is entering graduate school with a grade-point average of 3.3 or better, when A = 4 and is ranked in the upper 10 percent of the class
(2) a continuing graduate student must have been admitted as a matriculated student and must have earned a minimum of 15 hours with a grade-point average of 3.7 or better
(3) exemplifies good character

SAEA is a student-directed, faculty-sponsored, pre-service professional organization for students who are enrolled in, or who are interested in enrolling in, the teacher education program.

This organization provides an opportunity for students with shared aspirations for public and/or Lutheran teaching to be supportive of each other’s efforts, and to foster wholesome interactions between students and the teacher education faculty. Membership in this organization qualifies students to become members of the Alabama Education Association for students.

国产偷拍视频The purpose of the SGA is to serve the student body; to work toward the maintenance and improvement of the campus community; to promote cooperation among students, faculty/staff, administration and the community at large; to encourage a sense of loyalty and school spirit; to help plan, organize, supervise, and evaluate college life; and to stimulate personal growth and social development.

The SGA is comprised of all students enrolled at Concordia College. The governing board is open to all qualified students. The student body elects the governing board of the SGA during the month of September. Students interested in serving on the governing board are encouraged to campaign for the various offices which are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Student Activity Coordinator, Chaplain, and elective representatives from each class (usually the President from each class).

To be eligible to hold office on the Student Government Association the following are required and must be maintained:

  • The student must have and maintain good academics with a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • The student must declare intent and receive clearance from the Director of Student Life and the Registrar.
  • The student must clear all financial obligations.
  • The student must be a full-time student.
  • The student’s record must be free, and remain free, during tenure in office. (ie: No academic probation, social probation, financial delinquency).
The governing board meets monthly with the Vice President of Student Services. The governing board will meet weekly at the designated time. It is the responsibility of the governing board to present suggestions and recommendations from the student body to the Vice President of Student Services.
The Vice President of Student Services, who also serves as advisor to the SGA, is responsible for funneling suggestions/recommendations to the appropriate Cabinet Officer. Members of the SGA governing board represent the student body on other committees of the college. The SGA president and vice president are voting members of the Student Services department.
The SGA president, along with another member of the SGA, serves on the Discipline Committee. SGA representatives serve on the Planning Council, Academic Policies Committee, Spiritual Life Committee, Library Committee and Food Services Committee. The SGA also helps to plan and implement various activities and cultural events through the Coordinator of Student Activities.

The aim of the Millionaires Business Club is to inspire the students of Concordia College to become financially aware and responsible through mentorship with professionals from Dallas County and the surrounding areas.

国产偷拍视频The students will develop strong business skills and are also encouraged to participate in community service.  The Millionaires Club is active on campus and within the community. We encourage our members to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurial focused extracurricular activities.  To attain membership to the Millionaires Club, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

The Intra-Dormitory Life Committee serves as a problem-prevention committee. The Committee identifies potential concerns and problems related to dormitory living and, when possible, offers suggestions that may preclude disciplinary actions. The Committee consists of five students selected by Resident Counselors. Students and Resident Counselors must attend atleast two mandatory seminar training sessions with the Director of Student Life.

Students who are chosen to serve on the Intra-Dormitory Life Committee must:

  • Have attended Concordia College for at least one full semester;
  • Maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative average; and
  • Demonstrate behavior and attitude illustrative of Christian living in a dormitory environment.
The Intra-Dormitory Committee does not issue disciplinary sanctions; it serves only in a preventive and advisory capacity. However, minutes of the Intra-Dormitory Life Committee will be shared with the Director of Student Life and the Disciplinary Committee, if disciplinary action is warranted. The Director of Student Life, through Resident Counselors, supervises the Committee. The committee will follow the guidelines below:
  • The Committee will meet weekly for dormitory briefings and information sharing.
  • Committee requests for hearings will be presented, in writing, by the Resident Director to identified student(s).
  • Committee concerns will be shared with identified student(s) in hearings; and identified student(s) will be advised of the potential for policy infringement and reminded of the written policy.
  • A written record of the proceedings will be maintained and shared with the Director of Student Life.
  • Student(s) who appear before the Intra-Dormitory Life Committee two or more times will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Drama Club provides a social outlet for students, faculty, and staff by performing plays and skits throughout the academic year. The club enables students to develop performance and directing skills. To acquire a scholarship, the student must have a 2.5 GPA and must make an application through the faculty sponsor. Drama club members will possess the following characteristics:

  • Passion for creativity
  • Confidence to present his/her best on stage
  • A positive, “can-do” attitude
  • Responsibility to come to rehearsals and meetings on time
  • Ethical sensibility to promote the drama club in a positive way on and off campus
  • A team player mentality