Women Center

Cancer Awareness

The purpose of the Rosa J. Young Center Women,, named for the College’s founder, seeks to encourage and supports the spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and social advancement of women attending Concordia College Alabama. The Center strives to create a safe and celebrative space for women to explore, learn, find support, and strive to reach their maximum potential. It further provides an environment that is conducive to learning, as well as enriching students’ personal and professional lives.

 The Rosa J. Young Center for Women mission is to enhance the academic achievement, career aspiration, personal and spiritual well-being of women at Concordia College Alabama as well as  to help build an environment wherein women and men can work productively together.

Vision Statement

 The Rosa J. Young Center for Women vision is to make an I.M.P.A.C.T on each other, the community and the world.
Inspire             is what a woman does
Mature             is the expected outcome of our ladies…A mature, well-rounded woman
Practicality     the key to life
Acumen          Mental keenness
Character       the essential quality of a good woman
Talent              Improve existing skills and discover new ones

Four overall goals that guide the organization
1. To enhance academic achievement, personal development and spiritual growth, and create an environment where women work productively together, trusting, supporting and encouraging one another.
2. To be a catalyst for self-improvement and self-strengthening of women CCA students.
3. To be a conduit to highly personalized academic preparation, on-time graduation and to lead a spirit-filled Christian life of service.
4.To foster in students an appreciation for competition and productive coexistence in the global marketplace; help students contribute to the local    and international community; facilitate their understanding of moral and ethical dilemmas in the human dynamic that present leadership challenges and to model at all times appropriate behavior

In order to be inducted into the Rosa J. Young Center for Women, female students must complete an application and successfully complete the interview process. A recommendation is needed from an instructor, as well as a counselor, coach or minister. Students are required to maintain a grade point average of at least a 2.0 or above to remain an active membership.