Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning provides information to support institutional planning, policy and decision making.  It conducts studies that are designed to measure institutional effectiveness as well as provide vital information and data to support the planning process.  The office collects, analyzes and reports data and information relative to enrollment, graduation, retention, persistence, and degrees conferred. Additionally, the office ensures that CCA regularly evaluates how successfully it is at achieving its mission.


The mission of Institutional Effectiveness,Research and Planning is to link what the college does to what the college believes, to ensure that policies, budgets, and decisions reflect the purpose, mission, and values of the college.  The planning process accommodates the differences in the various administrative units.  The strategic plan provides the flexibility for each unit to use different methodologies to facilitate planning and evaluation activities which relate Institutional Goals to Strategic Initiatives.
The office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning has the responsibility of educating the college.  To this end it:

  • Promotes the understanding and use of outcomes assessment and institutional effectiveness data. Expands existing training programs and distribute relevant data widely.
  • Uses assessment to focus on college priorities: examine assumptions, evaluate performance to determine whether it matches expectations and standards, and use results to make necessary adjustments.
  • Promotes a culture of evidence that embraces and uses what is learned to provide students with an educational experience that is rich, layered, nuanced, and comprehensive. Improves student learning by articulating course objectives for student achievement,clarifying connections between course assignments and objectives, and measuring whether courses are realizing programmatic goals
  • Assists academic departments, administrative offices, and other units in articulating goalsthat cascade from the strategic plan and comport with its direction.

Contact Us

Dr. Betty Hubbard

Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning
Institutional SACSCOC Liaison
Phone: 1(334)874-5700 Ext. 19788